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2019 Malibu trunk before and after.jpg

Paintless Dent Removal, better known to the industry as 'PDR', is the art of removing body damage from a vehicle without the use of fillers or repainting. The fine art of metal finishing is incorporated to provide a paintless repair and save the original factory finish. PDR origins date back to the 1950's. During a car show, a Mercede's employee in charge of keeping a perfect finish inevitably had to repair one of the cars. Using the end of a screw driver, he pushed a dent out perfectly without having to repaint. Thus began his eventual journey and our way of life 'pushing' dents without repainting. PDR technology has continued to change just as vehicles have since the first 'push'. Tools, lighting, repair techniques for different metals such as HSS (high strength steel) and aluminum constantly challenge the PDR technician and process.

The principle is still the same as it will always be, "Make the dent go away".


At DENT TECH our philosophy is to complete the repair and bring the vehicle back to it's original condition before the damage. We go by one rule that if we can see the damage after the repair, it's still there. A true PDR technician is thier own worst critic, so we've learned to know when not to repair as well.


With any damage to a vehicle, some dents are not candidates for the PDR process. We will let you know on the spot what can or cannot be done. Every dent inspection is unique so every repair process is as well.


DENT TECH promises to give you all the information up front about the process and the cost. We value our clients and return that value with a great repair experience.



One of the most destructive weather phenomenons is hail. It can cause hundreds of tiny indentations in the finish of a vehicle or pulverize every surface causing total loss.

A major advantage of PDR over convential body shop repair is NOT having to replace the roof, hood or decklid. Roof replacement is invasive, the best repair facilities still cannot recreate the same conditions as a factory. PDR is the only altenative for restoring the panel to original factory conditions. 


Our vehicles are built to take the impact of another but don't take the little impacts so gracefully. Minor dents and dings can diminish the appearance of our vehicles however, PDR is a cost effective, fast and clean way to repair unsightly damage and restore that beautiful appearance.

Minor repairs can take less than 30 minutes while some can take hours. The true beauty of PDR is the repair leaves the factory finish intact, there's zero fillers and zero need to involve insurance. Most minor repairs don't even come close to deductibles.

mercedes fender copy.jpg
F-150 hood copy.jpg

A majority of larger impacts such as the one in the image below look to be unrepairable. With the flexibility of newer metals and paints, removing a dent of this size can be done with enough time and patience. 

Large dents tend to be more extensive than what is visible. A trained PDR tech will know what is repairable and what is experimental. We make every effort to correctly refinish large dents to original conditions. With enough time, and yes they do cost more, large dents like this can be repaired.

Silverado before.jpg
Silverado after.jpg
after repair video
HAIL repair in action
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